Adobe AIR SDK 发布


Release Notes


AIR-5960: Adding delayed-load capability for ANEs (completing this for loading unlisted ANEs)
AIR-6013: Adding support for postMessage with Edge WebView2 on Windows
AIR-6168: Adding ANE extension information object to query loaded status etc
github-236: Adding FREAcquire/ReleaseNativeWindowHandle methods for ANEs (for Linux/MacOS)
gibhub-1577: Ensuring ADT installApp detects AAB/APK files correctly
github-2143: Adding a flag to Context3D to prevent it from limiting GPU resources
github-2183: Updating openssl to 1.1.1q for Android builds


github-85: performance issues if running without advanced telemetry connection
github-1829: EncryptedLocalStore fix on Linux to remove gnome requirement
github-1873: Ensuring ANE stub libraries have the new APIs in for linking against
github-1881: Ensuring HTMLLoader.isSupported returns false on Linux
github-1882: Removing unnnecessary WebKit libraries from captive runtimes
github-2140: Ensuring sdkVersion is correctly parsed for ANE platform option files
github-2147: Updating descriptor sample so that Animate can use namespace 50.0
github-2151: Fixing prototype pointer for ScreenMode so toString() works


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